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These two pictures are the "before" of a master bathroom renovation. The homeowner wanted a clawfoot tub in place of the original drop-in style. She insisted the pastels and blue counter top go away.







The two pictures below show the finished space, with the new clawfoot tub, with beautiful travertine floors, walls, and shower.


































The pictures below are from another bathroom from the exact same model home on the same street. I didn't bother putting up the "before" pictures since they were nearly identical to the ones in the profile above. In this case, the homeowner decided to keep her drop-in style tub, build a new tub deck, and of course a new bathroom to go with it. Above and below are two identical bathrooms with two different goals. Both utilizing the classic, timeless beauty of travertine. 


























The two following pictures are from a bathroom that made great use of the space,

 incorporating a tub with a deck built at an angle.








The homeowner asked me to have a continuous decorative band throughout the shower and the tub area. I accomplished that by cutting the 18 inch travertine into 6 inch squares and setting them into a band on a 45 degre angle.   

















I chose to add a bit of character to the shower by placing a section of the shower walls on a 45 degree angle. For the shower floor, tumbled marble in an antique gold color provides a beautiful accent to the smooth travertine walls.





























The pictures below are from my most favorite project of all. 







This very nice home had one of the worst showers I had ever seen. The design was poor, the tile choice was uninteresting, and the quality of installation was substandard---at best. I believe the first several pictures reflect those facts.








































For direction, the homeowner handed me a curved shower curtain rod,

and asked me to make a beautiful bathroom out of the available space.

  I believe I did.