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This page contains even more beautiful bathrooms. From the pictures shown, you should be able to see the theme of travertine and tumbled marble. Personally, I love working with this natural product. It is a lot like working with wood, because every piece is different, containing its own unique characther, thus making every bathroom different.



























The character contained within this shipment of travertine was gorgeous.

It really made this shower stand alone.










































The shower on the right is beautiful, proving you don't need a huge area to have a great looking shower.



















This master shower was larger than normal. The homeowner asked me to put two complete shower valve assemblies in it. The end walls have a section turned on a 45 degree angle. See closer-up picture, above left.














Below: "before" and "after" shots showing a dramatic change in style. By the look of the pink bathtub and wallpaper, it was time for a change. The picture does not show how large the new shower really is. In addition to removing the tub, I moved the toilet nearly 1 foot, giving the homeowner a much larger showering area. It was a very good transformation. I labeled the pictures to avoid any confusion regarding which bathroom was removed!! The "before" must date from the 1960's !


                Before:                                                   After:

































Once again, another "before" and "after" set of pictures. This homeowner was worried that travertine might be too "overdone" for the simple bathroom. Once again this shows that you don't need to have a spacious area in order to move away from "plain jane" contractor grade tile selections.